Step 1:


Choose your package and using our super easy form, enter your information. Simple.
Have A Bird - Step 1 - Order online a yearly or monthly bird feeder service subscription- crooked image
STEP-2 Have A Bird will come to your house and setup the new bird feeder for your yard

Step 2:


We come to you.  Simple.

Step 3:


We will setup each feeder in your desired location.  Custom.
STEP-3 Hassle free Have A Bird will come and clean and refill bird seed in your bird feeder- crooked image
Have A Bird step 4 - Birds will feed at your house in your new bird feeder - crooked image

Step 4:


Let the birds eat! Nutritious food for the bird community.

Step 5:


Wonder at natures beauty with family and friends.
Have A Bird step 5 - Enjoy watching the birds with family and friends - crooked image
Have A Bird step 6 - filling up your bird feeders - crooked image

Step 6:


We take care of the rest.  Refills, Maintenance, & Cleaning