Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can expect a variety of birds, native to your local ecosystem.

  • Have a bird owns and maintains equipment.

  • You can cancel your current subscription at anytime.  Equipment will be picked up at the end of your last billing cycle unless otherwise directed.  We also hold the right to cancel your service at anytime.

  • Our current scheduling allows for refills once a week.

  • No. We will however provide optimum conditions necessary to attract wild birds, but ultimately cannot control their behaviour or habits.  That being said, a well maintained and placed feeder usually has no problems attracting birds.

  • No.  Have A Bird strives to maintain consistency in feeders and feeding service, therefor we currently only install and service our own equipment.

  • If the damage is from natural causes such as: weather; pests; normal wear and tear, then Have A Bird will replace the equipment with new equipment. If it has been determined that the cause was from something other than the aforementioned then you will be held responsible.  A well placed feeder should provide years of un interrupted service.

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